Amazon Echo Part 1: A Consumer Product With Huge Assistive Technology Potential!

The assistive technology (AT) world rejoices when a consumer product is released with big AT potential. Price, access, and reliable technical support are just a few of many reasons why consumer products are welcomed with arms wide open. For example, since its release consider what the iPad has brought to the AT arena. It opened up a whole…
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CapTel-2400i Phone

CapTel’s 2400i – An Innovative Phone With Captions

CapTel telephones are, at many times, a wonderful solution for people with hearing loss. For those not familiar with CapTel, these phones work the same as any other telephone, but they display the words the caller is saying. CapTel has four different models: 840, 840i, 880i, and 2400i . . . . and the focus of…
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Hook+-Scanning Home Page

IPad Bluetooth Switch Access Disconnecting? Get Hooked!

We have been using Bluetooth switch interfaces with the Apple mobile devices and the built-in switch access for a few years with our clients here at IPAT.  We have found that in some instances, the switch interface’s Bluetooth connection with the iDevice disconnects frequently, and the individual does not have the support system to get it…
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KNFB Reader Now For Android Device Users!

The KNFB Reader is an app that provides scan and read technology in a portable easy to use format for people with vision or reading disabilities.  This app will take a picture of almost any printed document and then read it out loud to the user almost instantaneously. Back on November 6, 2014, Jeannie highlighted…
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Meet Lucy….A Keyboard That Can Change Lives

A woman named Janine with cerebral palsy created: “Lucy,” an efficient hands free keyboard especially designed for individuals without hand function.  It’s operated with a small laser lamp beam pointed at the keyboard’s letters for a short, adjustable time.  The user can activate it without the need to push anything.  The laser is mounted on…
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