CL-XLC2 AMplifed telephone_outgoing speech

Amplify YOUR Voice On The Phone

Many times we think of solutions to amplify the incoming voice during a phone call. However, what about amplifying your outgoing voice? Whether it be from surgery, illness, or simply having a soft voice, there is technology to assist in this barrier. Below are a few great phones that amplify your voice and come with some wonderful features.…
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octopus smartwatch

Octopus Smartwatch: A New Way To Stay On Task!

One of the biggest challenges for people who struggle with staying on task is following a schedule throughout the day. Not long ago, Senior Assistive Technology (AT) Consultant, Jeannie Krull, published a wonderful 4 part series all about different types of scheduler and task management apps that can help people with Autism, and many others, stay…
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IPAT Welcomes New Team Members!

Jackie Hovind ~ Receptionist I started with IPAT on March 14th. Before IPAT, I worked at Blue Cross Blue Shield of ND. Currently, I live in Fargo with my husband, Dylan. I enjoy playing piano, singing, theatre, and being with my family – and I also teach piano lessons in Valley City! CJ Forest ~ Receptionist I’m CJ, the new receptionist.…
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Emergency Alert Pendant With Fall Detection And NO Monthly Fees!

Emergency Alert Pendants without monthly fees have been available for several years; however, they did not have Fall Detection. Up until recently an emergency pendant with fall detection was only available in devices with monthly fees.  Finally there is one available WITHOUT a monthly fee, the Future Call SOS Pendant Phone with Man Down Function! The SOS Pendant…
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A Great Beginning….

Thanks IPAT! Thank you for welcoming me into your dynamic team! I am the “New Kid on the Block,” so let me fill you in. My name is Lynette Wavra, a Valley City, North Dakota native, and longtime Fargo resident. I come to IPAT with a background in elementary education. I graduated from Valley City…
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