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10 Features To Consider In An Accessible Kitchen

Most conventional kitchens are very difficult to navigate if you use a wheelchair or you have other mobility difficulties. When making your existing kitchen accessible or building a new one from scratch, the following are just a few items to get you started. Many of these, we have in our Home First Demonstration Kitchen in the Fargo IPAT Center,…
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ICanConnect Helped A Woman Stay In Touch With Family And Friends

Freda boasts a long life full of many blessings including one of particular abundance – friends and family. When Freda experienced difficulty understanding others on the phone due to a hearing loss, her daughter Sue contacted IPAT and Freda received an amplified telephone through the Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Service. The amplification of the telephone alone…
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ABLE Accounts Are Coming!

If you are an individual with a disability or have a family member with a disability, this blog is for you. Due to the passage of the Stephen King Jr., Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act in 2014, you can now open tax-advantaged accounts for the purposes of saving to cover the costs of disability-related…
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Blue Rain Poncho

April Showers . . . . Bring Your Raingear!

It’s that time of year again. Especially in North Dakota, it can be sunny and 72 degrees one day, and wet and dreary the next. However, no matter the season, it’s a good idea to be prepared with the proper weather gear. For those folks that use a wheelchair, here are a number of great…
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Keep Track Of Your Loved Ones With Silver Mother

Medical alerts such as Phillips Lifeline are a great safety solution, but what happens if an incident occurs and your loved one is unable to push the emergency button? They could be without help for a very long time.  No news is not good news! Enter SilverMother. This unobtrusive monitoring system allows you to detect a problem even…
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