Magnification App on iPad

Food Allergies? IPad To The Rescue!

Magnification App on iPadCan you imagine having life-threatening food allergies and trying to grocery shop with a vision loss? This combination would place you just one misread ingredient away from the ER on a regular basis. Believe it or not, this was the frightening reality lived every day by a woman who called IPAT for help.

The help offered began in our demonstration center. Together, we explored a number of vision devices and she opted to rent a CCTV for use at home. After a few weeks, she called to say the device did what she had hoped,  but its lack of portability was a problem. Would IPAT have something that could provide the magnification she needed, and be easily transported? We did, and she came in to try other options. She chose to rent an iPad with magnification applications. When she called later, a very excited voice on the phone asked, “How can I get one of these?”

Luckily, she was eligible for IPAT’s Pedaling for Possibilities funding. She applied for, and received a grant to purchase the iPad with vision apps in the spring of 2012. In talking to her recently, she expressed her heartfelt gratitude to those who sponsor, ride, and raise money for Pedaling for Possibilities. Tell them, “I use my iPad everyday, I would be lost without it – it has made living with my vision loss less scary, and keeps me engaged in activities I like and need to do.”

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