Oct 28 2013

Closing the Gap. . .Part 3

In this vlog, we’ll review the products and companies we were excited to see at Closing the Gap.

Below are links to the products and companies discussed in the video.

Beyond Adaptive
Website: http://beyondadaptive.com/

Website: http://www.attainmentcompany.com/gonow-cases

Modular Hose
Website: http://www.modularhose.com/Assistive-Technology/mh-at-kits

RJ Cooper and Associates, Inc.
Website: http://www.rjcooper.com/
Email: Rj@rjcooper.com
Phone: 1.800.RJCooper

Website: http://www.sonocent.com/en/ 

Website: http://www.xkeys.com/xkeys.php

EagleEyes System
Website: http://opportunityfoundationofamerica.org/eagleeyes/


Website: http://cameramouse.org/

I bet you thought we forgot to talk about Beamz! No, we just found some people who can demonstrate it way better than we can! Check it out! Its so fun!

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