Mouse CCTV Provides Help For Low Vision Reading

Mouse CCTVOne of the great things about assistive technology is that the principles are based on matching together an individual, the task they want to achieve and piece of technology.  The equation results in a successful solution and ultimately people living their lives the way they choose.

A recent Pedaling for Possibilities application resulted in examining the equation further and coming up with a better result than what the individual first thought was needed.  When Donna submitted her application for assistance with vision loss because of macular degeneration she stated that she needed a video magnifier. Taking into consideration the price of the device she was requesting, we wanted to make sure this was the right choice. We contacted Donna and asked her to come to the Bismarck Technology Access Center to explore items that may be of assistance.

Donna first tried out the video magnifier that was recommended to her and she found that the device was not what she wanted. The problem she had with this device was that it was difficult to move the table that the print material is placed on and the magnification that she needed would force her to sit forward for extended periods of time.

With Donna’s one main goal in mind, reading the newspaper, the next device we tried integrated the magnification needed and it could be used in a much more comfortable way that made navigating the page of printed text easier. The mouse CCTV is a device with a camera facing down that projects the image on the monitor of your choosing. With several magnification levels, contrast settings, and a freeze mode, Donna quickly understood how to use the device and was successful.  At $130 dollars and the price of a TV or monitor, approximately $300 for a 32” TV, the entire system comes in under $500. Compare that to a traditional Video Magnifier that costs upwards of $2000, and this is a great solution!

Take a look at how this product works and remember price is not always an indicator of whether a piece of equipment is the best fit for someone.