PIcture of a Cisco Phone with Hamilton CapTel Software-captioning right on the screen

Difficulty Hearing On The Phone At Work? A New Captioning Solution For Business!

PIcture of a Cisco Phone with Hamilton CapTel Software-captioning right on the screen

Do you have difficulty hearing on the business phone in your office? Hamilton CapTel recently introduced captioning software that can be installed on the Cisco Business phones and can be used by registered users.

This software solution, Hamilton® CapTel® for Business, Interconnected by Tenacity can caption incoming and outgoing calls with customers, as well as, interoffice calls with extensions. After the install and registration procedures have taken place, the person in need just picks up the phone, makes the call, and within a couple seconds the captions appear on the phone’s screen, as seen in the picture above.

If you think this software is for you and you have a Cisco VoIP phone system at your business, preferably the Cisco 8851, contact your Telecom administrator and point them in the direction of the Hamilton Website for instructions on how to get started.

According to the Hamilton website, there is no cost to the user for the captioning service; however, there is a licensing fee for the software and support, which in most cases is paid for by the user’s company.  I contacted Hamilton regarding the costs, and they said it starts at $3000 per year for 1-10 users, which includes the software and support. They do have lower, non-profit pricing available.

What I Like

  • The ability to make and receive calls just like any other employee in the company, without the customer having to call a special number or the user having to jump through hoops;
  • The ability to make and receive interoffice calls with captions; and
  • The number of job possibilities that this new system opens up for users.

What I would Like to See in the Future

  • The development of CapTel software for other phone systems;
  • A decrease in cost, so it can move beyond an Enterprise solution and be used by small businesses.

All in all,  I am excited about the direct that this is going, and the possibilities it brings.