Pair of Enchroma glasses

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Pair of Enchroma glasses
Pair of Enchroma glasses

I distinctly remember the point in the book The Giver when I realized that this seemingly Utopian society had lost the ability to see color.  I kept wondering what that would be like and how different everything would be to me.

For those who are colorblind or have a Color Vision Deficiency (CVD), the world may look very different than the one most of us see.  Many people are affected by color blindness – 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women.  Now there is a pair of glasses that can enhance the colors for someone who is colorblind.  In fact, the company claims it works for 80% of those who try it.  The product’s name is EnChroma and their website is

Some facts about the glasses:

  • The price is $349 up to $429 (additional charge for prescription glasses)
  • The indoor and outdoor glasses look a lot like sunglasses.
  • There is one North Dakota retailer, Trinity Regional Eyecare – Vision Galleria in Williston. Their phone number is 701-572-7641.
  • There are hundreds of videos of people who have used the EnChroma glasses and their emotional reactions. A collection of those reactions is at
  • The glasses do not work for everyone nor do they provide 100% color vision. The glasses are unlikely to help for tritanomaly or tritanopia (blue-yellow color blindness). They do enhance the vibrancy and saturation of certain colors and improve color discrimination, depth, and detail perception.
  • Information about the development of the glasses

The book The Giver had such an impact on me and these glasses can have a big impact on you if you are an individual who suffers from colorblindness.

Father and Son having fun with kite
Father and son with Enchroma glasses having fun, playing with kite together