ShapeIt OT Kit Stylus

7 Ways To Improve Direct Access To Tablets For People With Physical Disabilities

Are you working with someone who has trouble accessing the touchscreen on their tablet?  Here are a few ways to help improve access: Gloves/Mittens with One finger or Thumb Cut Out for Touch Screen Use To eliminate accidental touches and improve accuracy when using a touch screen, a glove or mitten with a hole cut…
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Microsoft-Word2013_Format-Shape_AltText Box with a space to type in the name and description of the picture

Creating An Accessible Word 2013 Document: It’s Easier Than You Might Think!

Creating an accessible electronic document may seem like a daunting task, but just like building an accessible home, if you do it right from the beginning versus trying to retrofit it later, the task is so much easier! So when I say “accessible electronic document”, what do I mean? An accessible electronic document is one…
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THis picture shoews Salt and Pepper Shakers with a rubber band around the Pepper

Assistive Technology Doesn’t Need A Computer Chip!

Do you see the Assistive Technology (AT) in this picture? If you guessed the rubber band, you are correct! This little “high tech” piece of rubber can help an individual with vision loss detect the right condiment, shampoo from conditioner, etc., and even though it doesn’t “plug in” or have electricity, it is still AT.…
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PIcture of a Cisco Phone with Hamilton CapTel Software-captioning right on the screen

Difficulty Hearing On The Phone At Work? A New Captioning Solution For Business!

Do you have difficulty hearing on the business phone in your office? Hamilton CapTel recently introduced captioning software that can be installed on the Cisco Business phones and can be used by registered users. This software solution, Hamilton® CapTel® for Business, Interconnected by Tenacity can caption incoming and outgoing calls with customers, as well as, interoffice…
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A picture of the serene pagers.

Did You Get That? Two-Way Call Button Pagers For Piece Of Mind

We have recommended call button pagers such as the Caregiver Call Pager and the Wireless Personal Pager for people with disabilities to notify their caregivers within the same household for years. However, picture this scenario-man with a disability wants to notify his wife who is doing laundry in the basement. He pushes the button, but is not…
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