Picture of the Color Bug main unit, and remote sitting on a piece of paper with markings created by the Color Bug.

Fun Switch Toy That Creates Art – The Color Bug!

Switch adapted toys help kids with varying types of disabilities imagine, dream, problem solve, learn, and develop new skills through play! These toys are a crucial part of child development and come in many shapes and sizes; toys that light up, move, flash, sing, make music, interact, and more. Every so often, I am lucky…
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Our New Name Is… Drum Roll Please!

North Dakota ASSISTIVE. We are North Dakota’s ASSISTIVE Technology experts here to help you find ASSISTIVE Technology devices and services to do the things you want to do at home work and school because there is no impossible! Website: ndassistive.org Email domain: @ndassistive.org Toll-free: 1 -800-895-4728 Fargo local: (701) 365-4728 Mandan local: (701) 258-4728

An IPad Changed This Woman’s Life

After working with IPAT staff, Judy Wall, a woman with low vision, determined Assistive Technology (AT) was what she needed to get back to doing the things she loves to do! Through Possibilities Grant dollars (raised by donations from people all across the state of ND and Red River Valley) she was able to get…
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Assistive Tech On The Fly With Twist Ties!

You’ve probably seen an industrial foam coated twist tie before, and maybe even used one yourself to secure equipment in your garage, or keep a long cord organized and in place. But did you know those same little twist ties are often used to help people with disabilities adapt everyday items? Industrial twist ties can… …act…
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Creating Asisitive Technology Solutions In Minutes With Therese Willkomm

In September I was fortunate to attended the workshop, “Creating Assistive Technology Solutions in Minutes: Supporting children who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing, Blind/Visually Impaired and /or have Multiple Disabilities,” that emphasized how easily Assistive Technology (AT) can be modified or customized. As an AT Consultant for IPAT, I work with people who have disabilities to…
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