Three More Great Tools For People With Dementia

In earlier blog posts, we discussed medication dispensers, alarms systems, and phones with picture dialing to help people in the early-moderate stages of dementia stay in their own home.  Here are a few more items to put in your toolbox! Door Murals In addition to door alarms, a door mural depicting something other than a portal to the outside…
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What’s A Great Way To Remember Something? Naturally It’s Apps!

One of the great things about mobile technology is the ability to have information at your finger tips when you need it. For someone with cognitive deficiencies the availability of information, reminders, and notifications is critical to staying independent. The focus of this article is to give you an idea of the assistive technology apps  that are…
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Vehicle To AT Funding – The IEP!

It is no longer just textbooks, paper and pencils getting the job done in today’s classroom. Today’s tools embrace online research, word processing and electronics for learning. For children in special education, using the tools of today may require the addition of assistive technology (AT). These potential AT needs are to be considered at every…
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Steps Made Easy – No Need To Remodel!

A while back, I was working with a family looking to remodel the bathroom/laundry area they had earlier created for their mother by converting an existing garage.  Sadly, as her arthritis worsened, she could no longer manage the 2 steps with an over-sized rise to the remodeled area safely. Her son heard about IPAT through a friend,…
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3 Ways To Read For IPad Users With Low Vision

In the process of determining assistive technology for the purpose of reading we start with low tech items (magnifiers of various sizes and shapes), and move to high tech devices (video magnifiers). After exploring some devices we usually end with talking about the iPad. Many individuals have heard about it but haven’t really experienced what…
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