Use This Pill Box To Keep Up With Your Medication And Stay Active

Of all the assistive technology devices available, medication dispensers may be the area that can have the greatest impact on a person’s choice of residence. In some cases it may mean the difference between living at home and moving to a skilled care facility. The choices are varied and we’ve talked about medication dispensers before…
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Use This One Device To Make Getting In And Out Of The Car Easy Again

Summer is right around the corner and that means more people driving their cars. For some, driving is difficult because getting in and out of the car may cause pain. The Handybar may be the assistive technology device to help ease that pain. The Handybar fits into the car door latch and just like that you have…
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Long Handled Shoe Horn

Beat The Dizzies With Assistive Technology

Taking prescription medication is part of everyday life for 34% of American adults. Unfortunately, a common side effect of medication is dizziness, which can lead to falls and sometimes result in hospitalizations. This was the scenario experienced by an elderly woman who came to IPAT looking for help. She wanted ideas on how to cope…
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Trying To Get Organized And Remember Tasks? Any.Do It!

Like many people, my schedule is a “little” hectic, and I am always looking for ways to be more productive, stay organized, and to remember to do certain tasks, like “write this blog!”  After finally joining the millions of fellow techies and diving into the android smartphone world, I started a quest to find the perfect app…
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graphene figure

Graphene And The Future Of Assistive Technology

The world of assistive technology (AT) changes on a daily basis for a variety of reasons. Advancements in technology are the main reason for this and as an AT provider it’s IPAT’s job to stay on top of all the developments.  We like to provide you with the up to date news and on occasion…
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