P4P Race Day Pic

Pedaling For Possibilities 2013…A Great Day For All!

February 9, 2013 marked the 3rd annual Pedaling for Possibilities fundraiser, and once again a new record for dollars raised was achieved… $27,800!! The riders, donors, and sponsors that attended the event can attest to the spirit and passion that has driven Pedaling for Possibilities to be the success it is today. Visit Facebook for the 2013…
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Great Grips' Glow'n'Dark


No, not Jim Morrison and his Doors, but the ones you have to go through in your home every day! If they’re a problem for you under regular circumstances, you especially don’t want to be fighting with them if you have a fire emergency. Homemods.org describes four major reasons why people have difficulty using doors: width, the floor…
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dwell click

Use Your Computer Without Clicking

What do selecting an internet link, liking a Facebook post, or opening a program have in common? You click the mouse to make it happen. For some individuals the ability to click a mouse may be greatly reduced because of a Repetitive Strain Injury, or no longer a viable option because of a physical difficulty. The task…
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Maintaining Lifestyles As We Age With Assistive Technology

As we grow older, everyone experiences changes in abilities. With these age-related changes comes the need to do everyday tasks differently, from donning reading glasses to check the daily mail, to choosing to sit in a chair with arms to make getting in and out easier. Many assistive technology (AT) devices are available to help you…
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Woman uses portable video magnifier to help see

Be A Possibility Maker!

There is still time for you to be a Possibility Maker for the 3rd Annual Pedaling for Possibilities (P4P) Stationary Bike Race, this  Saturday, February 9, 2013 from 1:00-6:00 pm.  Although the bike teams are set for this year; you can still donate right on our IPAT P4P website or send us a check. Remember 100% of…
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