Voice Activated Remote Gives A Woman The Ability To Control The TV Again

Using your voice to control the world around you is becoming more and more prevalent every day. Who hasn’t heard of Dragon Naturally Speaking to control the computer and then there is always Siri on Apple devices to send emails, setup reminders or check the weather. There are also assistive technology devices that allow you to control your TV, DVD, radio,…
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Make Phone Calls Without Pushing Any Numbers

Communication on the telephone is something most of us take for granted. You pick up the phone, dial the phone number, and you are talking to the other person. For an individual with a vision loss the steps to make this happen can be more difficult. A local woman recently contacted IPAT and explained how…
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Will Assistive Technology Users Be The Biggest Winners With The IBM 5 In 5 Predictions?

IBM annually puts together the “5 in 5”, Innovations that will change our lives in the next five years. This years 5 in 5 predictions may be of particular interest to the AT community in that it highlights the five senses. Processing sights and sounds requires eyes, ears and, most important, a brain—right? But what if…
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Sky WiFi Pen

Sky™ Wi-Fi SmartPen…Should You Upgrade?

The old We have been using the LiveScribe Smartpens at IPAT since they came out approximately 5 years ago.  I have to say that they are a game changer for many people who have difficulties with auditory comprehension, reading, writing, attention, memory loss, and more.  Tying recorded audio to written notes, shapes, or random marks on a…
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Vehicle Accomodations

If you’re one of the approximately 23 million American licensed drivers over the age of 70 years, chances are you may want some help to be sure you’re safe and comfortable  when you get behind the wheel. Despite the auto industry’s continued improvements in making vehicles safer and easier to drive, getting older creates limitations…
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