Simple 911 Access Always

Scenario one – you are in trouble. The power is out, your land line is down and your cell phone needs a charge, how are you going to call 911? Scenario two – your parents are aging, living alone, and get confused using a standard cell phone. How can they quickly get help in the…
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IPad Communication Apps: Comparison Made Simple

The explosion of  applications to help people without a voice communicate using an iPhone or iPad can leave you feeling shell-shocked. To help you get a handle on the multitude of apps and move you toward systematically selecting the right AAC application, Jane Farrell has created a comprehensive AAC app comparison chart. She does a…
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Person using Voice Recognition Software

How To Select The Right AT The First Time

Is there anything more frustrating than purchasing an item that does not do what you thought it would? Sadly, assistive technology (AT) device purchases often end up in that frustrating category, and as a result are not valued or used. In an effort to help you select the right AT device, and save you time,…
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Vizio Co-Star

Vizio Co-Star: A Step In The Right Direction For Low Vision Users.

The Vizio Co-Star is a streaming media player and entertainment hub for TV. Basically the Co-Star is a tiny box that has a version of the Android operating system that allows a user to stream videos from Netflix, Hulu Plus, or Amazon Video. Other features of the player allow for download of Android Play apps and also…
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Patient Receiver Call System

Two Birds-One Device: Portable Two-Way Communicator & Alarm

During a recent consult, I was asked the following questions by someone caring for an individual with dementia: “Is there a device that will sound an alarm when the individual leaves their bedroom that I can clip to my belt?” “I also want to be able to talk to them, to slow them down before…
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