3 Ways To Read For IPad Users With Low Vision

In the process of determining assistive technology for the purpose of reading we start with low tech items (magnifiers of various sizes and shapes), and move to high tech devices (video magnifiers). After exploring some devices we usually end with talking about the iPad. Many individuals have heard about it but haven’t really experienced what…
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Mobile Device For Augmentative Communication: Insurance Style

An Android or Apple mobile device with a communication app for people who have difficulty speaking, such as an iPad with Proloquo2Go, is not a new concept anymore.  However, insurance paying for a mobile device with this type of software is not as commonplace.  A little over a year ago, Saltillo came out with the NovaChat, a Samsung Tablet and/or Media…
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Captura Talk

Another Portable Text-to-Speech Solution For Dyslexia!

Last January, I reported on a few text-to-speech (TTS) apps with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for Apple (iOS) mobile devices. On the Android side of the planet, there is an app called CapturaTalk from Iansyst Ltd, whose main feature includes TTS with OCR.  This full-featured app powered by ABBYY, a popular and powerful OCR engine, allows a person to take a picture…
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Personal Amplifiers For Hearing Loss

The Center for Hearing and Communication estimates that 38 million Americans have a significant hearing loss. This makes everyday activities like watching TV or talking with friends and family difficult. There are assistive technology options for someone with hearing loss and the hearing aid is usually the item most people think of. Hearing aids can be…
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Grandma Might Be Giving You Tech Tips Soon

Have you ever thought a loved one could benefit from using technology to stay connected to family and friends? Family Ribbon aims to make that goal a reality with their EasyApp Suite. The EasyApp Suite consists of commonly used applications designed for new users, especially with older users in mind or those unfamiliar with technology, to take…
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