Krista using the magnifier to read

IPAT Possibilities Fund-Helps Woman Read

Krista is a 34-year-old woman with vision loss . Legally blind since birth,  her vision has limited her ability to read both at home and at work; making independent viewing of her mail, paying bills, checking prescription bottles, reading food packaging, and other printed material very difficult. Due to the eye strain caused by her…
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American Flag

Home Modifications For Veterans With Disabilities

Returning home for some military members means adjusting to a disability. For some who have aged with a service related disability, needs change over time. Whichever the case may be, there are programs to help make living in your home and staying independent possible. One way Veterans Affairs attempts to help is to provide dollars…
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Sue Using Voice Recognition Software

Assistive Technology: The Best Present EVER!

Life doesn’t always turn out like we planned or ever wanted, but sometimes a much-needed gift can turn things around for the better.  Sue, a former Fargo-Moorhead business woman, shares her thoughts below after receiving equipment from the IPAT Pedaling for Possibilities Fund.   So many people today are strong, healthy, and able to work.  For…
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The Easiest Way To Expand A Doorway

Have you ever wanted to have a couple extra inches when moving something through a doorway, maybe a sofa, refrigerator, or washing machine? Expandable door hinges may have been the answer to saving you the skin on your knuckles. But as we age or sustain an injury, widening doorways a few inches may become a…
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Teaching Voice Recognition

Assistive Technology In The Schools: Can You Take It Home?

IPAT staff regularly field calls from parents of school-aged children who use assistive technology for educational purposes. One question that often arises, is whether or not school purchased assistive technology (AT) can be taken home. The simple answer is yes – but AT home use  needs to be documented on the child’s Individualized Education Plan…
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