Little boy using an iPad for communication.

Push Or Pedal, Either Way, Be A Possibility Maker!

Thanks to Possibility Makers, over the last two years, Renee, Susan, Chris, Calvin, Debra, Cindy and over 35 other people from ages 2 to 99 have received assistive technology (AT) through the IPAT Pedaling for Possibilities Fund to help them live fuller, more independent lives.  The funds raised, to date, have provided AT such as:…
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Greg Rose

Assistive Technology…It’s So Freeing!

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of working with Greg, a wonderful man, who composed this letter below with the very technology he tells us about.  He is an inspiration to anyone who knows him, and now, after reading his beautiful letter,  hopefully to you! There are many people in the world that…
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iOS Guide

Got A New IPad, IPhone, Or IPod Touch? Get A Free User Guide!

As luck would have it, the Apple Mobile Devices do not come with a user guide. There are, however, FREE user guides for iOS devices that can be downloaded as an eBook right on to your device.  Apple has made guides available for the iPhone, iPad,  iOS 5.1 and iOS 6 and they include information on the built-in…
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A Captel Phone-the captioning phone

FREE Phone?!

A Captel Phone-the captioning phone Yes, there is a way to get a new telephone at no charge! Almost all states in the country have a specialized telecommunication equipment distribution program  for persons with disabilities. In North Dakota, IPAT is the source for the Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Service (TEDS) that makes available a variety of phones…
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Used Stairlift Makes Remaining Home Possible

Do you know someone who has trouble going up and down stairs? A case manager in northwestern North Dakota did and contacted IPAT for help. An older gentleman she was working with was no longer able to safely use the stairs in his home, and as a consequence was at risk for an out of home placement.…
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