Sky WiFi Pen

Sky™ Wi-Fi SmartPen…Should You Upgrade?

The old We have been using the LiveScribe Smartpens at IPAT since they came out approximately 5 years ago.  I have to say that they are a game changer for many people who have difficulties with auditory comprehension, reading, writing, attention, memory loss, and more.  Tying recorded audio to written notes, shapes, or random marks on a…
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Vehicle Accomodations

If you’re one of the approximately 23 million American licensed drivers over the age of 70 years, chances are you may want some help to be sure you’re safe and comfortable  when you get behind the wheel. Despite the auto industry’s continued improvements in making vehicles safer and easier to drive, getting older creates limitations…
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Fiona Got Her Voice Back….Twice!

Odds are that in your lifetime, if you do not need assistive technology (AT), someone you know and/or love will. The need for AT may be due to many different issues such as a repetitive stress injury, limited movement due to Multiple Sclerosis, injuries related to a severe car accident,  or a memory loss due…
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Easy Glide Writer

Arthritis? Low Tech Help For Handwriting

Computers and electronic devices have changed the way we take notes and compose documents, but the need for writing on paper is something that will of course continue. While working with an individual recently, he mentioned his arthritis was making writing more and more difficult because of the fine motor movement of grasping a pen…
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Magnification App on iPad

Food Allergies? IPad To The Rescue!

Can you imagine having life-threatening food allergies and trying to grocery shop with a vision loss? This combination would place you just one misread ingredient away from the ER on a regular basis. Believe it or not, this was the frightening reality lived every day by a woman who called IPAT for help. The help offered began…
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